Holistic Education Consultancy

Sunshine Kids is a network for communicating and implementing the progressive and holistic ideas of neohumanist education.

With over thirty years of international experience in holistic education, director Tatjana Popov offers courses, workshops and consulting services to individuals, schools, and organizations around the world.

We focus on methodologies for teaching and developing the whole person – body, mind and spirit in connection with nature, culture and community.

We believe in nurturing and honouring the unique gifts of each individual in service of a better future for the planet.



The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Every parent values the fresh air and exercise a child receives while spending time outdoors. Yet, how often do we consider the myriad other benefits such experience offers? In fact, a quality outdoor learning program supports the holistic development of the young child in uniquely integrative ways. Let’s take a look at how a child’s […]



Tatjana 9

The Lightness of Depth

Once upon a time there was a young pedagogy student who entered the multidimensional world of symbolism, metaphor, colour, image, dreams, pure consciousness and devotion. Dedicating herself to many rich and enriching practices, she intuitively knew the importance of this work and dreamed of one day incorporating these many paths to wisdom into the education […]

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